Unlimited Tomorrow - About Us (2024)

At Unlimited Tomorrow we empower individuals with upper limb differences by making high quality, low-cost bionic prosthetic arms easily accessible to everyone who needs them.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Unlimited Tomorrow our first responsibility is to the individuals with limb differences we serve. We believe in pushing boundaries in order to improve prosthetic accessibility. We challenge ourselves to use all available technology and resources to make the highest quality, lowest cost prosthetic arms in the world.​

Our Vision

Our Vision

Unlimited Tomorrow strives to dramatically improve affordability, quality, and accessibility of prosthetic devices for people with limb differences around the globe. ​

Our Founder

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Easton LaChappelle

Easton LaChappelle is the Founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow. After years of developing robotic limbs, he met a small girl at a science fair who had an expensive and limited prosthetic device that changed how he thought about technology. Easton has spent the last six years, creating a cutting-edge artistic approach to developing personalized prosthetic technology while building innovative delivery mechanisms and business models to create a scalable and affordable solution for all of those in need.

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Our Team

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Featured Media

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Our Corporate Partners

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Motors Partner

Maxon has produced motors specific to the needs of Unlimited Tomorrow. Maxon motors are incorporated into every TrueLimb we produce.


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3D Design Automation Partner

Siemens Digital Industries Software brings unparalleled design automation to Unlimited Tomorrow with the NX platform.

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3D Printing Partner

HP helps Unlimited Tomorrow create personalized prosthetics through its innovative materials and 3D printing technology.

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Electronic Components Partner

Arrow Electronics helps Unlimited Tomorrow solve today’s problems and create a scalable solution for tomorrow.

Non-Profit Partners Helping the Limb Different Community

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Our Story

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2011-2012In a small town in Colorado, Unlimited Tomorrow’s Founder and CEO, Easton LaChappelle embarks upon a journey of learning and inventing. As a teenager, he builds his first wirelessly controlled robotic arm, and a subsequent 3D printed version winds up winning him second place in engineering at the International Science Fair. This win propels Easton to meet former President Barack Obama, intern with NASA, and speak to international audiences including as a featured presenter at a TedTalk conference. But it’s a conversation with a little girl at the Colorado State Science Fair that sticks with Easton and pushes him to keep inventing.

Raising an Arm-Y

2014 - 2016He may have started out as a quiet teenager from Middle America but, by 2014, the world had taken note of Easton LaChappelle. One man, in particular, made it his mission to learn more about this extraordinary young talent. At only 17, Easton had caught the attention of motivational guru, Tony Robbins. It only took one conversation with Easton for Robbins to realize the exceptional nature of this young man. Eager to see Easton achieve his dreams, he offered to become Easton’s mentor and business partner. Driven by excitement and anticipation for the future application of Easton’s technology, on February 12, 2014, Easton and Tony formed Unlimited Tomorrow.

Tony Takes Note

2017In 2017 Easton received a call from the M.U.C.H. Foundation and an introduction to a girl named Momo. Momo would allow Easton to test his technologies’ ability to be adapted for prosthetic use. Having Momo use an Xbox Kinect to scan her residual limb, Easton was able to receive scans and began the process of creating a one-of-a-kind device for her without ever meeting in person. Unfortunately, there were challenges using such a new technology and untested technique. However, Microsoft caught wind of this new, innovative use of their technology and eagerly approached Easton with a proposition. They suggested that Easton move out to Seattle to work in Microsoft’s research and development building. After working through many trials and tribulations, Momo received her Unlimited Tomorrow arm.

Microsoft & Momo

2018 - 2019Unlimited Tomorrow turned to crowdfunding for the next major part of its journey. In less than 30 days, the company raised $1.6 million toward funding a full-scale production line. Additionally, the company would undertake the massive job of moving its Headquarters from rural Colorado to the Hudson Valley region of New York. That same year the company would go on to crowdfund an additional half a million dollars and partner with HP to test a new additive manufacturing machine. Unlimited Tomorrow received one out of only 10 available HP 580 3D color printers. The 100 Tomorrows campaign launched in 2019 and invited 100 limb different individuals in need of a below the elbow prosthetic to apply to be a part of an elite test group. The 100 Tomorrows group would be the first to receive an arm from Unlimited Tomorrow and the group would play an invaluable role in providing feedback to refine the device further.

100 Tomorrows Campaign

2020With the 100 Tomorrows test phase in full swing, Unlimited Tomorrow projects a full product release in 2020. As the internal team grows and partnerships flourish, Unlimited Tomorrow sees endless potential ahead. Recognizing the worldwide need for a technology-driven, accessible, prosthetic device, Unlimited Tomorrow positions itself to become a global prosthetic manufacturer. With a team of engineers working day in and day out to ensure ease of use, comfort, and overall reliability, the world waits to see the true potential of a world full of unlimited tomorrows.

Launch of TrueLimb

20212021 is a major year for Unlimited Tomorrow as TrueLimb product development is refined, the team expands, and demand and media exposure increases. In April, the company hosts its first live event with partners including the Lucky Fin Project and Siemens. In August, a video created by Freethink featuring Unlimited Tomorrow goes viral. In October, the company announces that it is partnering with clinicians to expand access to TrueLimb and in November the company expands into Canada. The expansion into Canada is a monumental step toward being able to offer access to TrueLimb on a global scale.

Live Event

Unlimited Tomorrow - About Us (2024)


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